Frequent Asks and Questions


What is Forex?

The global currency market also known as Forex or FX is the largest financial market in the world with a turnover of over U.S. $ 5 trillion (USD), which makes it the most liquid financial market in the world.

What is A forex managed account?

The forex managed accounts are the service through which a professional trader or a group of professional traders with years of experiences and verified results personally handle the management and trading of your account in exchange for a monthly percentage of the profits (Profit Fee) on the account. It is noteworthy that the trader charges this Profit Fee only when generating profitability, if there is no profit, Profit Fee neither. Similarly there is not any other rate or charge, or Management Fee or anything like this.

How does it works?

The forex managed accounts are possible thanks to the technical solution of last generation, that allows the professional traders to manage and trade unlimited investor’s accounts through a Percentage Allocation Management Module, PAMM that makes it possible to join the funds of several investors in one PAMM fund and the trader has access to this fund.

Why are we transparent?

We are transparent because all the results we offer to our investors, are audited and verified in real accounts by 3rd party CPA audits and the investor has access to all relevant information about trading systems to make your best decision.

Who is Myfxbook?

Myfxbook is the reference company for the fx audited accounts market, is responsible for auditing the accounts through direct access to the account by the investor and master password, providing complete guarantee that the published results verified are 100% real.

What about Fund Security?

Forex Managed Acc only cooperate with regulated and well known Brokers, that guarantee the protection of your capital (segregated and guarded accounts) The brokers are regulated by FSA, MFSA, IFSC, MiFID, CNMV, etc.

Who can open a forex managed account?

A individual or company who wants professionals results and diversify the investment portfolio, only need to present the required documents.

Who can open a forex managed account?

Professionalism first, our main objective is the capital preservation and thereafter generating profits for investors. The investors will have full control over their capital and also the possibility to monitor your investments at every moment.

How I can start the investment?

It's pretty simple, once you have defined invest in any of our funds, you should just open the account in the broker indicated, fund it and send the signed LPOA.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Yes, at any time, the immediate liquidity is one of the most attractive features of forex managed accounts. The Broker will offer you different possibilities of withdraw; bank transfer, credit card, paypal, etc.

Balance Max Drawdown and Equity Max Drawdown.

The maximum drawdown measured on balance is the highest lost per position or group of positions closed at the same period of time. The drawdown measured on equity, is the highest point of loss per position or group of positions in a certain period without closing the positions, also known as floating.

Track record on Real or Demo Accounts?

All our results have been generated with real money, not in demo accounts, you can verify it on our website, the results between a demo account and a real account can be very different even with the same trading system and the same market conditions, is why we only offer results in real accounts, so that later results in investor accounts correspond with historical results.

Can anybody else access to my account or funds?

No, absolutely no one else will have access to your account, only you can decide what to do with your funds, being the account holder the only person authorized to make withdrawal and deposits.

How do you select the traders of your funds?

The selection of traders is the result of a careful and detailed process where we ranked the systems according with different parameters; risk management, capital management, capital preservation, drawdown control (balance and equity), profitability, system longevity and growth potential. Our portfolio of traders is the product of a detailed selection from over 40 professional traders.

Why some of your trading systems not show the open/close positions?

Mainly for privacy and confidentiality reasons, is why some of the trader prefer to keep this information private, bear in mind that they are top trading systems.

detailed selection from over 40 professional traders.

How I can monitoring and control my account?

You can monitor and manage your account 24/7. Accessing with the investor password, allowing you to see all the information in real time, the only thing you can not do is close existing positions or open new positions. You will have access to your account through your PC and also using your tablet or mobile phone.

Once funded how I can connect my account to the fund?

We will send you the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) is the investor's authorization to connect your account to the fund of your choice.

What about the Brokers?

In Forex Managed Acc, only cooperate with regulated broker, usually cooperate with certain brokers with whom we have experience and close cooperation.

Do you recommend any Broker?

Not, but as mentioned, we usually work with certain brokers, however the choice of broker should be in accordance with the needs of each trading system, it is important to note that all systems can not work well in all broker and some of them need trading conditions quite specific.

Can I invest more after my first Investment?

Yes, there is not investment limit, although according with account balance, we can advise you about which investment solution is the most suitable for you.