Forex Managed Accounts

Fast, Simple, Profitable and Transparent 

In Forex Managed Acc we have decided to specialize in Forex Managed Accounts for 3 reasons:

Great business potential, because we have a growing worldwide market where the individuals and institutions investors are every day more interested and seeking for professional solutions like forex managed accounts in order to diversify the investments. We can find this investors in the developed economies and also in the emerging economies. Giving us an important action field.

Profitable business and successful in the short, medium and long term. A proper management of the business model will allow us to offer a service that will help to consolidate the financial and economic development of our investors and partners, both individuals and institutions, as well as generating a source for creating direct and indirect employment.

A few years ago it was a solution only available to banks and large institutions, who used this advantage to multiply your capital. Today, thanks to technical solutions is a service that we can and we want to offer you.

Investors only pay when they get profit

Investors only pay when they get profit

It is noteworthy that the trader will charge this Profit Fee only when generating profitability, if there is no profit, Profit Fee neither.

What is FX Managed Account?

The forex managed accounts are the service through which a professional trader or a group of professional traders with years of experiences and verified results personally handle the management and trading of your account in exchange for a monthly percentage of the profits (Profit Fee) on the account. It is noteworthy that the trader charges this Profit Fee only when generating profitability, if there is no profit, Profit Fee neither. Similarly there is not any other rate or charge, or Management Fee or anything like this.

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On the other hand, although your trading account receives all the operations that the trader or group of traders carried out, they never have access to the funds of the investor, the investor is the only person authorized to transfer, withdraw or deposit more capital to the trading account.

How does it work?

In Forex Managed Acc the service of forex managed accounts is possible thanks to the technical solution of last generation, that allows the professional traders to manage and trade unlimited investor’s accounts through a Percentage Allocation Management Module, PAMM that makes it possible to join the funds of several investors in one PAMM fund and the trader has access to this fund.

If we have for example 10 clients with $ 10,000 each, then we have a fund of $ 100,000 from ten investors equally, if for example the manager trader opens a position of 1 lot, each fund account will receive 0.1 (1 lot / 10 accounts) that obeys its percentage share within that fund. All this to gain efficiency and effectiveness at the management, as it was not for this solution, the trader would have to open each position in each account manually and the results would be different in each account.

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The whole process takes place in micro seconds, so that even in times of high market volatility the results won't be different on any of the accounts.

You can join a PAMM fund at any time equally you will be able to detach your account at any time and easily. (No minimum permanence).

As we mentioned previously the PAMM funds are a last generation solution which allows us to offer a forex managed account effectively, profitably and transparently.

Advantages of Forex managed accounts:

- Professional Traders with years of experience working for you.

- High net returns with conservative trading.

- Real account track record (tested and verified).

- Access and control over your funds.

- Low initial investment.

- Immediate liquidity.

In Forex Managed Acc we have developed unique service in the market that allows us to offer an exclusive solution in the market for managed accounts, with tools and applications that make us unique.

We only profit when clients profit.

Our business model is based exclusively on the generation of profit and benefits to our investors.

Customized solutions.

Different types of accounts for our investors, we offer 3 types of accounts, depending on the initial investment or profit fee: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Portfolios (Combination of several traders, less risk more profit) See more.

100% Transparency.

All the traders results have been audited trader and the investors interested will have full access to the details in in myfxbook or fxstat (Only real accounts).

Professional Traders. Top world traders at your service.

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Safety of Funds

We only cooperate with regulated Brokers and the investor chooses how much capital is willing to risk as a maximum, eg 10%, 15% or 20% so in the worst case has the full assurance that 80% of the capital will be always safe.

Private Portfolios.

Several trading systems in one same account with special conditions, better risk control and higher target profit.

Demo Accounts

With Forex Managed Acc if you want you can test the results of the trader on a demo account for a certain period of time before to invest.

Preservation of Capital

This is the main premise, we are aware that the first step to generate profit is to preserve capital, therefore the selection of our traders has been based on the preservation of capital and an subsequent generation of profitability