Advantages of Myfxbook & FxStat

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Myfxbook is the market leader in the auditing of accounts in MetaTrader 4 and is very famous in the forex managed account market. It is known for its reliability and transparency because in myfxbook you can see if it’s real or demo account and if the track record is real.

Besides this you have access to a large number of analysis tools that allow us to create a very realistic concept about the potential of the trading system

Of these tools we want highlight:

– Main Graphic: a curve shows the behavior of the account balance as well as the equity of the account with another curve, so we can see the relationship between the account balance and the equity of the account.

– Graphical Drawdown: important tool that allows us to estimate the risk exposure of a trading system.

– Profitability: show us the cumulative from the start of trading, as well as also the % of success of all operations, both long and short term.

– Average Profit Loss: relevant information that allows us to observe the gain and loss average per trade measured in monetary units and pips.

These and other tools help us to better know each trading system and to  identify its potential and weaknesses.

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